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Top reasons you should visit Ancient Persia and modern Iran:

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Persian history, archaeology and architecture stretching back over more than 2500 years makes it a ‘must see’ destination for lovers of culture, art, archaeology, architecture, history and beauty.

Iranian hospitality and kindness are legendary and genuine, and you will experience a friendly welcome everywhere you go. Iran is one the world’s safest countries to visit.

Diverse and stunning scenery – vast mountains, lush valleys, deserts and incredible salt lakes

Amazing Persian cuisine refined over hundreds of years – a delicious blend of fresh herbs, gentle spices and saffron, an expensive and exquisite flavouring.

Arts & crafts using skills from past ages- you can buy beautiful items at low prices

Tasty organic fruit and vegetables -grown locally, picked within a few hours of eating!

Pistachios, almonds, walnuts and dried fruit will keep you going as you wander through the buzzing bazaars.

Personal Touch

We collaborate closely with award–winning, established tour providers based in Iran to make sure that your needs are understood and fulfilled. Your tour provider has the administrative support and local expertise in Iran to make your holiday arrangements trouble-free, and we are always available in Iran during your holiday if you need us to resolve any matters for you.

Value for money

We aim to give you the best value tours from the UK to Iran by working closely with our travel partners and minimising costs that large travel agencies incur like glossy advertising.   Our tours are excellent value for money but still provide you with the high standard of comfort, enjoyment and professionalism you expect.